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Puzzle Piece Theatre is bringing a whole new perspective to the Detroit arts community.
— Dana Casadei, Encore Michigan


LEMON SKY CLOSED FEBRUARY 19, 2017 to another sold-out audience. Many new people have REIMAGINED stories they relate to, and some became fully aware of the power and specialty of live performance. Theatre is a spirit, and we want to share its spirit with more and more people.

Season 4 contains three pieces close to home; themes and interactions of family. AMBITION FACING WEST by Anthony Clarvoe, LEMON SKY by Lanford Wilson, and BIRD by Kristin Andrea Hanratty are three powerful family dramas brought to you specifically by Puzzle Piece Theatre this season. Stories that fit for every generation.

These plays, we do, follow our Puzzle Piece Theatre company credo:  FRESH . BOLD . PROVOCATIVE .

What better way to get involved than to support and engage in live theatrical spirit? Come join us and also Slipstream Theatre Initiative as we both continue to grow! With one common goal: To help our community in REINVENTING all there is to reinvent in our precious world.

Come see why people say things like....."...something special, worthwhile and lasting."

A few pieces of the puzzle that we continue to build…

Some pieces are yet to be found. Get involved.




Rehearsal of Ambition Facing West



Puzzle Piece Theatre is a great new addition to the Detroit theatre community, and we’d like to keep them around.
— Drew Philip, Detroit Metro Times

Keep watching us. We begin something new every day.

A retrospective of our third season.
Reviews of John Pielmeier's "Agnes of God" as presented by Puzzle Piece Theatre
Puzzle Piece Theatre's past work and review quotes.

What's it like working with Puzzle Piece Theatre and a play about robots?

Puzzle Piece Theatre "Community Puzzles" at FIGMENT Detroit 2012. Super-sized puzzles and interactive storytelling of the folktale Stone Soup.

Puzzle Piece Theatre presents Karel Capeck's R.U.R. February 12th-28th 2016.

Puzzle Piece Theatre presents the American Premiere of THE BOY WHO CRIED by Matthew Osman. October 9th-25th 2015

Puzzle Piece Theatre's production of Laura Heikkinen's play, Small Hours Serenade, March-April 2014.








What's our story?

Puzzle Piece Theatre serves the community
through storytelling that REIMAGINEs
what is possible in live performance.

Why Puzzle Piece?

Your point of view is the only one that matters.
In theatre, a group of artists come together to tell a story.
Their vision has a unified perspective.
The meaning of this work is the impression
it leaves on you, the audience member.

No two people will take in one of our productions
and agree fully on its meaning—that is what inspires us.
Our artists put the pieces into place through
our unique way of storytelling.
Only you can interpret the final image and what it means to you.
We're all part of the same big amazing puzzle!


This is the play that will lighten and brighten your heart. It’s imaginative, well-crafted, and guaranteed to stay with you long after the show is over.
— Daniel Skora, It's All Theatre

Current Pieces in-Play

Our 2016–2017 and 4th Season is going to be exciting!


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In terms of performance, atmosphere and good old-fashioned DIY ingenuity, [Puzzle Piece Theatre] delivered the best time I’ve had in a theater this season.
— 4 out 4 STARS —John Monagham, Detroit Free Press


Lemon Sky – February 2017
Cast makes “Lemon Sky” a perfect fit in Puzzle Piece’s family theme, Terry Jacoby, For Digital First Media, Oakland Press
“Lemon Sky” at Puzzle Piece Reflects Soured Relationships, Daniel Skora, it's All Theatre
Puzzle Piece does Wilson’s ‘Lemon Sky’ in Ferndale, Martin F. Cohn, EncoreMichigan

Ambition Facing West – October 2016
Puzzle Piece’s “Ambition Facing West” plays out the struggle across generations, Tanya Gazdik, Encore Michigan
Ambitions Point West at Puzzle Piece Theatre, Daniel Skora, It's All Theatre

Agnes of God – April 2016
A Puzzling Sister Agnes at the Puzzle Piece, Daniel Skora, it's All Theatre
Puzzle Piece Theatre stages stirring revival of 'Agnes of God', The Examiner
“Agnes of God” explores miracles and madness at Puzzle Piece, Encore Michigan

Rossum's Universal Robots – February 2016

All of a Piece: Puzzle Piece Theatre brings fresh, bold, and provocative theater to Ferndale in intimate, hand-crafted productions., Ferndale Friends
R.U.R., a vintage play with great relevance today from Puzzle Piece – Martin F. Kohn, EncoreMichigan
Puzzle Piece Theatre works wonders with 'Robots' – John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press
Patty Nolan, The Examiner
Robots Overrun Puzzle Piece Theatre – Daniel Skora, It's All Theatre
Donald V. Calamia, The Cranky Critic

The Boy Who Cried – October 2015
Puzzle Piece tackles a beast of a jigsaw with “The Boy Who Cried”, Encore Michigan
Nomadic Puzzle Piece Theatre stages a play in Ferndale, The Detroit News

The Glass Menagerie – March 2014
Puzzle Piece captures heartache of 'Glass Menagerie' - Detroit Free Press
Exploring poetic form in Tennessee Williams' classic play - Encore Michigan
“The Glass Menagerie” sparkles and fades in the Abreact Performance Space - Knight Arts

White People – October 2014
White People offers uneasy view of race - Detroit Free Press
Puzzle Piece Provides Provocative Probe of Prejudice - Pride Source

Small Hours Serenade – April 2014
New play is 'a riddle, wrapped in a mystery,' inside The Box - Encore Michigan
WDET STAR: Puzzle Piece Theatre's Sweet Serenade - WDET
Exclusive interview with ‘Small Hours Serenade’ playwright Laura Heikkinen -Theatre Examiner

The Wayfarer – November 2013
Puzzle Piece experiments with symbolist psycodrama 'The Wayfarer' - Encore Michigan

Talley's Folly – October 2013
No Folly in a well-told tale - Encore Michigan
Their love is no folly - Detroit New Monitor

Cell Phone Shakespeare – April 2013
Puzzle Piece Theatre Spring 2013 Update - Knight Arts
Puzzle Piece Theatre puts Shakespeare on the Phone - Detroit Theatre Examiner

Show and Tell – February 2013
Piecing together the relics of tragedy - Encore Michigan
D.B. Schroeder: New Theater, New Director, New to Detroit - The Craig Fahle Show WDET
An explosion devastates a school in timely drama 'Show and Tell' - Detroit Free Press
Encore LIVE! - The puzzle comes together with 'Show and Tell' - Encore Michigan
Puzzle Piece Theatre debuts Anthony Clarvoe’s “Show and Tell” - Knight Arts
Puzzle Piece Theatre bursts onto the scene with timely Michigan premiere - Encore Michigan
In My Humble Opinion 16: A dad, at a loss, slogs forward - Encore Michigan









Puzzle Piece. It's your move.



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Puzzle Piece Theatre has the winning formula.
— John Quinn, Encore Michigan